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ARCHITECT R+D Awards Frequently Asked Questions

I applied for the R+D Awards last year. Can I use the same login?

Yes! Please use the same email you used for your last application and click the “forgot password” button if needed. If the person who applied for the last program is no longer with the company, you will need to create a new account.

I applied for the R+D Awards last year. Can I enter the same project?

Likely, assuming that your project was not recognized as a winner in the past year, and that it still meets the timeliness qualification. Projects must have been completed or in active development within the past three years. For example, the 2022 R+D Awards program welcomes entries completed or in active development after Jan. 1, 2019. We have seen many repeat submissions eventually get their just desserts for various reasons: entrants update or reorganize their submissions, our esteemed jury changes each year, priorities or interests in the profession at large evolve, et cetera.

Will I get emails confirming my registration and submission?

Yes. Please add [email protected] to your safe senders list. If you have not received those emails, please check your spam/junk folder.

How many projects can I enter for the awards?

You can enter as many projects as you want! Just remember you will need to pay a registration fee for each. Additional entries after the first are discounted, unless you are an academic entrant and thus already receive a discounted rate.

Is the registration fee per project?

Yes. For example, if you want to submit two projects, you will pay a registration fee for both entries. However, the registration fee for the second entry will be discounted, unless you are an academic entrant and thus already receive a discounted rate.

Do I have to mail any physical materials?

No. Please upload all materials through the R+D Awards submission site, accessible via rdawards.com.

I was registering my project, but the system asked me to pay my fee before I could enter my abstract or upload images. When and where do I upload my abstract and images?

You must register and pay your registration fee before you can upload your project images and description. Once you pay your fee, you will be taken to Step 2 of the application process, where you upload support materials. Your entry is not eligible for judging without an abstract and support materials.

Where can I find my invoice? 

You can locate and print your invoice in the INVOICES tab of your dashboard:

What does each section of my dashboard mean?

  • In Progress - Application(s) you are currently working on
  • In Cart - Application(s) that you need to pay for in order to submit 
  • Complete - Finalized application(s)
  • Needs Attention - Application(s) you have not yet started
  • Expired - Application(s) that were not submitted before the submission deadline. Expired applications will not be considered for an award

I registered my entry, but now I can't find the next part of my form. Where is it?

The submission materials section of your form will either be in the IN PROGRESS or NEEDS ATTENTION section of your dashboard:

Why do I have two separate entries in my account for the same project?

The registration/pay first round and submission materials sections will each appear individually on your dashboard along with that step’s status and submission date. For example, if you have submitted both the resigration and submission materials sections of your application, the COMPLETE section of your dashboard will look like this:


Can I mention the names of my firm, collaborators, contractors, consultants, or clients in the project description?

No identifying information can be included in any part of your application (project name, description, on site plans, etc.).

How many total photos can I submit? 

You can submit up to 20 pages of support materials regarding your entry, as the submission form allows.

Can I submit more than one image in the same file?

A page layout containing multiple images and text for expository purposes is acceptable, assuming the layout is legible for screen viewing. Encourage the jurors to learn more about your entry, but do not discourage reviewing by crowding information. 

Can I have a refund on my submissions? I registered before realizing I won't be able to submit this year for x, y, z reason.

We’re sorry, but no refunds will be issued. Please review all eligibility guidelines before registering and paying for your submission.

My question isn't here. Whom can I talk to?

Email Alex V. Cipolle with subject line "R+D Awards 2022" at [email protected].